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User Experience

Experience a Web Based Freight Management System (TMS), built to be used on a web browser. TRINNOS Edge is constantly revised based on feedback by accomplished freight brokers.

  • The simplicity of this system enables users to operate most system features and functions with minimal to no training
  • Although the application is highly user friendly, our experienced Support Team is readily available and happy to assist all customers
  • Completing Tasks such as dispatching and order entry is simple, quick and efficient

Efficient Carrier Pricing Tools

Expedite the carrier selection process while maximizing your margins. The TRINNOS Edge's Least Cost Routing Engine generates shipment rates for your dispatchers in seconds.

  • Manage LTL Tariffs and Contracts
  • Research your previous shipments, rates and carrier history
  • Automate Rate comparison for LTL, Pallet, and Mileage rates
  • Post to multiple Load Boards with one click

Flexibility of the Cloud

TRINNOS Edge provides freight brokers with the tools to focus on moving freight, rather than their company technology. TRINNOS Edge users have the luxury of providing their customers with the finest online services available to freight brokers.

  • TRINNOS Edge provides users with the security, scalability, reliability and flexibility of the cloud without requiring a substantial IT investment
  • TRINNOS Technology values customer feedback, which assists in ensuring the application continuously evolves, meeting the changing needs of our customers

Seamless Accounting Integration

Dedicate fewer resources to accounting by eliminating double entry and expediting the audit process. TRINNOS Edge accomplishes this by providing integrations with leading accounting applications.

  • Fully integrated with accounting applications such as QuickBooks, MAS 90, MAS 200 and Microsoft Great Plains
  • Ability to support custom accounting integrations to share data with proprietary ERP applications
  • Integration with accounting applications provides automatic synchronization of all your accounting data

Trinnos Technology - Edge - Freight Management Application

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Trinnos Edge Will Make Your Freight Brokerage More Efficient!

Cloud Based Freight Management Software Designed to Help Brokers

TRINNOS Technology develops innovative transportation and freight management systems for non-asset based freight brokers and 3PL service providers.

TRINNOS Edge freight broker software is an optimized business management application for various types of shipments, such as, truckload (TL), Less-than-truckload (LTL), Expedited and Rail.

What is TRINNOS Edge Freight Broker Software?

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Customer Service

Be confident, knowing that help is available when needed.

  • Highest quality customer service in the industry
  • Extensive technical and freight knowledge
  • Experienced, professional and friendly team
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TRINNOS Technology has established partnerships with various industry leading software providers, such as:

  • Rating experts
  • Load posting specialists
  • Industry standard mileage calculators
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Business Visibility

Always know exactly where your freight brokerage stands.

  • Create profitiability reports
  • Track your business activity
  • Generate real-time reports
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Trinnos Technology LLC is no longer providing freight broker software.

We recommend that you contact Efreightsolutions for your freight software needs.